Did God Send Harvey and Irma?

In a word, No. I cannot believe how many people are saying that God is mad at us, that the end is near, that surely all of these storms and earthquakes are an angry message from God.

God was indeed really angry when Eve took that famous bite of the apple after He had specifically said “No.” But did He stop loving them? Did he want to punish or harm them? Do we want to hurt our children or grandchildren when they disobey us? Not hardly, I want to embrace my grandkids and use it as a learning opportunity to gently share the Bible’s guidance with them.

God loves us so much that from the first day that he created mankind, he wanted us to experience love. Love for him and for each other. But with that gift of love, he had to also give us free will so we could chose to love or not, because there has to be a choice or love wouldn’t be a special and cherished gift that we give to each other.

There are a few strings attached to having free will in our lives. It allows us to make bad decisions along with good ones. We messed up in the Garden of Eden and we haven’t ever stopped for one minute. When we walked away from a glorious life in partnership with God, and used our free will to make our own decisions, we set ourselves up for a world filled with both joy and evil.

The evil comes from the moral or lack or moral decisions we make on a daily basis. There is also the natural evil that permeates our earth that was unleashed back in that beautiful garden full of hope and promise and love.

Satan unleashes his power in our world through destructive storms, earthquakes and floods. This fury does NOT come from God. Psalm 86:15 tells us, “Lord, you a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, full of love and faithfulness.” Just as we are compassionate and understanding with our children when they make mistakes.

God is not cruel and heartless, the evil in each of us is. It is you and me. Yes you read that correctly, we contribute to the evil in the world with every bite of food we eat or throw in the trash, and every piece of clothing we put on.

There is enough food produced in the world to feed every single one of the 7.5 billion people on earth. Then why are people starving to death? Because we gorge ourselves every day and never even begin to think about contributing food or a few dollars every week to a food bank or your church or a school collecting food.

No, in fact many of us take advantage of the free meals that our churches or non-profit organizations prepare for us and we never even leave a few dollars to show our gratitude and support for their efforts in the community.

We are completely indifferent to helping out our global community let alone our own little neighborhood. When was the last time you took a meal to someone who is an invalid or ill? When was the last time you contributed food to a church or school or mailed a check to help out?

The most important question is, have you helped out with Harvey and again with Irma? My guess is that very few of you actually have and for that I say “SHAME ON YOU.”

We have a responsibility on this earth to help others. God needs a little help once in awhile and it’s not any different than wanting our kids to help out around the house

God wants us to step up and act like responsible adults every day of our lives. Not just at Easter and Christmas or when your church asks you to tithe. We need to act like it’s Labor Day every day and give to those firemen collecting for Muscular Dystrophy or like it’s Christmas time and the Salvation Army bell-ringers are clanging away.

No one thinks a thing of blowing about $5 on a Starbucks but would you donate to a cause close to your heart? Remember that someone always needs our help.

Why not make a decision to ALWAYS help out in a crisis like Harvey, Irma and the earthquake in Mexico? But help every week in a small way, a few dollars here and there.

Do not blame God for our problems. He didn’t cause them, we did with that first nibble of the apple. But we can help through the smallest of gestures that our purses and billfolds will never miss.

This is a challenge to give generously and God will give back to you. Try it for one month and you will find that you are happier than you ever have been. Help the thousands of people that were effected by Harvey and those who are now being threatened by Irma.

These are a few of the lines from a new song for the hurricane victims. It was written by our joyous minister of music that I just heard minutes ago.

“God of Miracles

God that won’t let go

Your word is true

There is nothing that you’ve promised

That your heart fails to do

To walk in love and unity as one.”

Let’s be united as one. Give from your heart please.

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