About Me – Embracing Life and Love

IMG_1855My name is Brenda Miller and I write about life and the world that I live in. I have one handsome son and two adorable grandchildren. I embrace Love and Life, choosing to be joyful, inspirational and encouraging in a world that is often filled with hate and intolerance of others. I am concerned about the world that is left for my young grandchildren to grow up in; the discrimination of people based on their religion, their ethnicity or choice of who to love. I believe that our earth is warming and that climate control is critical to protect our world for future generations. I am concerned about our nation’s current relationships with other countries and hope our government’s leaders will work together to strive for peaceful resolutions that affect the entire world, not just the United States.

Please follow my blog to enjoy and share stories of random acts of kindness, the generosity of people and the power of love and happiness in our lives.